October 2023 Shop Update

October 2023 Shop Update

Our October shop update is here! We barely squeaked it in before the end of the month but I am happy to report that all items are up in Oscoey Shop. As usual, I will slowly upload items to our Etsy shop throughout the week. If you are looking for our September 2023 update, it can be found here. We have a much bigger update for October so let's get started!

First off we have our Skating Is My Self-Care sticker that I am really happy with. I made this for all of those ice skaters out there who feel at home on the ice and skate as a form of self-care. Ice skating is huge in our area and so many of my fellow parents have picked it up because their kids are interested in it. I love how grownups can be inspired by their kids to try new sports!

Next up is our Holographic Midnight Rainbow Snow Boot. This winter inspired rainbow sticker is one of my favorites. I had this design in my head for quite some time before I decided to put it into sticker form. I may continue this thick lines rainbow theme in future stickers as a compliment to my thin lined rainbows featured in a couple of my other stickers.

In keeping with the holographic winter theme we also have our Holographic Midnight Ice Skating Snowman available. This stylish snowman is skating across a pond under a midnight sky with our signature lined rainbow peaking out from behind a cloud. Is his expression one of excitement or slight terror? Only he knows!

To go along with our Midnight Ice Skating Snowman sticker I also did another ice skating snowman in blue tones with glitter instead of holographic sticker paper. Our Glittery Ice Skating Snowman sticker is the first of I hope many more glittery stickers.  I really like how the glitter is shiny in a different way with these stickers. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of them.

For our October shop update I also decided to do a series of three Mini Heart Stickers to add to planners, on the backs of cards or to give away as party favors. Each sticker comes in a 5 pack with other stickers of the same design. They are smaller than our Fall Rainbow Heart released last year and I have already fallen in love with them.

I did a test layout in my planner with our Glittery Ice Skating Snowman sticker and the Purple and Blue Mini Hearts and I like how they look together. I love a lighter purple and blue in the winter. Maybe it is from growing up in the 80's with all of the pastels or my time working for a certain clothing retailer but these colors remind me of winter quite a bit.

Our newest and most exciting announcement is our tiny run of blank notebooks available in the shop. These Midnight Rainbow Flower notebooks are 80 pages and  feature our most popular design. If there is enough interest I will restock these closer to the holidays and for next year. Are there any other designs you would love to see featured as a notebook? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you are as excited about our October shop update as we are! I am still working on puzzles and cross stitching but time is very short for me right now. I am hoping to get at least one cross-stitch design out for November and maybe a few stickers as well.


Thank you as always for your support!


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