New Items for September 2023

New Items for September 2023

We are excited to announce a small shop update for September of 2023 with three new stickers and a mini cross stitch pattern in the works. All of these items can be found in Oscoey Shop found here.

My favorite item for the new shop update is this Midnight Holographic Pumpkin Sticker which shines and sparkles in the sun. This was my first attempt at freehand drawing digitally with just the mouse. I am pretty happy with the result but definitely want to invest in an iPad when I am able to so I can use the pen that goes with it.

I put one in my planner this week to get me motivated to start using it again. I fell off the planner bandwagon towards the end of the summer after my classes finished and I am now determined to get back in the habit before fall quarter starts again in a couple of weeks. I am taking 10 credits and working part-time so I will be super busy and need to stay organized.

This is one of my favorite pictures of our newest pumpkin sticker. It really shows how beautiful the holographic effect is in the light!

Our next sticker is our Midnight Holographic Bats sticker which can be found here. I spent a lot of time on this one figuring out where the bats would go and although I really like this sticker I may revamp it for next year. I was trying to get the effect of the bats flying out of a tree in a sort of abstract way. Let me know what you think of this one down in the comments. I will be making a cross stitch pattern out of this one and getting it posted up in the shop by the end of September.

Our last new sticker is our Fall Rainbow Heart which can be found here. I love the fall colors on this one and this shade of purple is one of my favorites.

This Fall Rainbow Heart is smaller than my other stickers and looks great in a fall planner. I am going to use one of these next week in one of the corners as an added decoration.

I also thought these would be great as an envelope sealer. They match perfectly with our bronze envelopes that we use to ship out orders and would be great for fall cards. I may try and do a sticker sheet of these for the holidays as well.


Thank you for reading about our September 2023 shop update! I am starting to get ready for our first winter shop update coming up in the next few weeks!


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